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         Australian Horse Racing - Daily Races
Wed 03-Jun-2020
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Belmont Park: - 0m 0m 0m 0m 0m 0m 85m 117m  
Thu 04-Jun-2020
Fri 05-Jun-2020
Sat 06-Jun-2020

         Australian Greyhound Racing - Daily Races
Thu 04-Jun-2020
  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13
Albion Park: 780m 798m 823m 841m 867m 886m 913m 928m 953m 979m 1001m 1020m  
Angle Park: 809m 829m 853m 873m 898m 919m 944m 960m 986m 1004m 1023m  
Casino: 385m 405m 420m 448m 468m 488m 508m 523m 550m 570m 592m  
Dapto: 812m 838m 856m 880m 901m 922m 947m 963m 990m 1011m  
Maitland: 598m 618m 638m 658m 673m 689m 705m 721m 737m 760m  
Mandurah: 889m 910m 925m 950m 976m 993m 1014m 1029m 1047m 1063m 1082m 1098m  
Mt Gambier: 427m 443m 462m 485m 505m 528m 543m 563m 580m  
Sandown: 741m 764m 788m 806m 826m 845m 870m 895m 916m 941m 956m 983m  
Shepparton: 583m 605m 630m 645m 665m 685m 701m 717m 733m 752m 776m 795m  
Warragul: 398m 413m 433m 455m 480m 495m 515m 539m 558m 577m 592m 615m  
Warrnambool: 693m 713m 729m 749m 768m 791m 815m 835m 859m 883m 904m  
Fri 05-Jun-2020
Sat 06-Jun-2020

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